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Aresh and Melissa Assadi

Aresh Assadi with wife, Melissa, supports other first-generation students at UA Little Rock through a scholarship fund he established in honor of his father and mother.

Aresh Assadi is a licensed therapist at UA Little Rock who recently established a scholarship fund in honor of his father and mother with a gift of a life insurance policy.

Not only is Aresh a first-generation U.S. citizen, but he is also a first-generation college graduate.

Aresh's father, Houshang, immigrated to the United States from Iran in the 1970s to earn a college education. Aresh's mother died while he was just an infant. This unfortunate event left Houshang with few options. He was forced to put his college hopes aside and entered the workforce fulltime to support his family instead. He never returned to college. Wanting a better life for their son, Houshang and Farrah Assadi instilled the importance of a college education in Aresh from an early age.

Aresh attended high school in Richardson, Texas, and followed a friend to Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. While there, Aresh became involved in the TRIO program, which provided the student support necessary for him to succeed. In fact, Aresh chose a career in counseling because of his counselor, Mrs. May.


Mr. and Mrs. Houshang Assadi

Mr. and Mrs. Houshang Assadi, gift honorees

"Mrs. May's support and encouragement was a major factor in my decision to pursue counseling as a career," Aresh says.

When asked why he chose to establish an endowment to honor his father and mother, Aresh says, "My parents encouraged and supported my higher education, an education that has given me career options my father never had." Aresh's scholarship helps first-generation UA Little Rock students involved in the TRIO program, the same program that supported him.

Aresh says he wants to establish a legacy of helping other first-generation college students achieve success. "I want to do my part in making UA Little Rock affordable and accessible."

Say Thank You by Giving Brighter Futures

Like Aresh, you can both honor a loved one and open doors of opportunity for all students at UA Little Rock with an estate gift. Contact Ginger Daril at 501-916-6437 or to learn how your gift can make a difference.