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Carolyn and Paul LasseigneFor Paul Lasseigne, KLRE Classical 90.5 has always provided the ideal background music. He listened during his daily commute and while working as a supervisory pharmacist with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Since his retirement in 1997, Paul has found more time to enjoy his favorite station, while his wife, Carolyn, who worked for 15 years in the Central Arkansas Library System, is an enthusiastic fan of "The Diane Rehm Show."

When the Lasseignes decided to support their public radio stations with a charitable gift, they had no idea what benefits awaited them. Because UALR holds the licenses for both KLRE and KUAR, the University "has included us as charter members of the Heritage Society," Paul says. "Our network has blossomed as a result of our gift. Being able to attend events such as the Evening with Diane Rehm is wonderful."

Although Carolyn and Paul's gift will not benefit UALR until after their lifetimes, their actions serve to raise awareness of the needs of UALR Public Radio and the current Tower Campaign. The Lasseignes' gracious support may inspire others to give now and in the future, helping to make possible the station's move to a new tower and transmitter site.

Carolyn and Paul chose a charitable gift annuity as the vehicle for their planned gift. An annuity enables a donor to make a contribution to a favorite charity and still receive an income for life. In the Lasseignes' case, the income pays for a life insurance policy that will provide an eventual and improved inheritance for their sons who are both UALR alums: Wesley '98 and Stephen '99.

Paul says he feels good about the plan. He is "appreciative of learning that such an arrangement was possible and happy that we were able to put it together." Throughout their lives, the teaching of the late John Wesley has been a primary guide for the Lasseignes: Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. Carolyn sums up their philosophy with one simple statement, "When you give, it always comes back to you."