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A Gift of Life Insurance Makes It Possible

Regina Stewart Hampton

“ It’s a good feeling to know students will use that money down the road and that it will be there for them. I wanted to provide a gift that will keep on giving.”
—Regina Stewart Hampton

Regina Stewart Hampton has never forgotten what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a college student who is trying to make ends meet. A first-generation college student herself, Regina remembers being self-reliant and working full-time while earning her degree in criminal justice from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Her personal experience at UA Little Rock, along with her generosity and desire to help others, led Regina to give back to the university and its students by gifting a life insurance policy in the amount of $50,000 that will provide an endowment for general scholarships.

“Fending for yourself encourages you to give to others because you’ve also been in that situation,” says Regina. “It’s a good feeling to know students will use that money down the road and that it will be there for them. I wanted to provide a gift that will keep on giving.”

Why Scholarships Matter

Regina says her goal early in life was to be able to do more than others, and she knew that would be possible only by going to college to better herself.

“Opportunities are out there to do whatever you desire. My desire was to get a degree and assist others in life,” she says. Regina says need-based scholarships were not offered when she was a student. Through her involvement as chair of the Program Committee on the university’s Foundation Fund Board, she reviews scholarship applications from students who depend on financial assistance in order to attend UA Little Rock.

“Many of these students are the first in their family to attend college, much less to earn a degree,” she says. “When I read about the challenges these scholarship applicants are facing, you can’t help but admire them for their persistence to earn a degree for the benefit of their own lives, and often that of their entire family.”

Meeting a Fellow Alumna

As a college student who worked full-time, Regina’s journey to earn her degree took a little longer, but her experience at UA Little Rock is one she will always cherish. She supported the university through membership in its alumni association, but was never truly engaged until fellow alumna and Senior Director of Alumni and Development Kristi Smith encouraged her to explore a more personal connection to her alma mater.

“The more I got involved, the more I realized how rewarding it is,” says Regina. “To meet the students who need assistance and then be part of a group that works to get the job done so they can receive that support is nothing short of incredible.”

“Through the Foundation Fund Board and other organizations that support the university, we work to provide alumni and friends a deeper understanding of the great work that takes place on our campus, much of which they may not be aware of,” says Kristi. “On behalf of our students and this institution, we very much appreciate Regina’s lasting gift that will support generations of learners for years to come.”

Lifelong Learning

Regina is quick to mention that she loves her alma mater and is impressed by the work and dedication of its leadership, faculty, alumni, and friends to excel for students.

She also credits her husband and former president of a local college, R.J. Hampton, for sharing her desire to support higher education for generations of future students. “I still learn from him every day. I think that’s a great reminder for today’s students; we are all life-learners so take part in the pursuit of knowledge whenever you can,” Regina says.

Making UA Little Rock a beneficiary of a life insurance policy is one of several ways to impact UA Little Rock. For more information and to explore gifts with tax benefits, contact Ginger Daril at 501-916-6437 or